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This is where information about each tab of this website is explained, as well as any other question is answered.  Enjoy!

 Let me explain the basics: HOME: Where you are right now. Typing in will get you here. New information about all sorts of cool things are posted RIGHT HERE, so be sure to keep comin' back! NEWS: Where news and exciting information is posted on just about everything. It might not be ready just yet, but when it is, check it out! PHOTOS: Where pictures of the cast, set, and anything in between are posted. Each picture comes with a coral description. For those of you who are poundering what coral is, it is the new lingo word for cool. You already learned something today! VIDEOS: Where mini-movies of Toppertin92006 and his favorites and friends are posted. Each video comes with a small blurb of information on the video and points in the video. Have fun! MEMBERS: Where anyone who loves this site so much can become a member and get to see the site a little more easily. They also can say: "I am a member of the Toppertin92006 Fan Club!" So remember, become a member! GUESTBOOK: Where anyone can post a comment or question about anything: videos, pictures, the site, etc. and it will be answered as soon as possible. Hey, the spells A.S.A.P! Also, you can give suggestions to the site. Remember, nothing innapropriate posted, ANYONE can read them. CALENDAR: Where important dates in history, for videos, and anything else is posted. It's not running yet, but when it is, feel free to take a looksee. FORUMS: Where anyone can start a discussion on really any topic, and hopefully people will post something back! LINKS: Where Toppertin92006 posts his favorite links of almost anything for fans to go to and enjoy. Enjoy! FUN STUFF: Where games, applications, and lots of cool other stuff is posted. Check it out! UTILITIES AND REFERENCE: Where important features like the weather or a dictionary are kept. It's important, so you know it must be good for the soul. TESTIMONIALS: Where very important peoples say how good this site is. They know what they're talking about! CHAT SECTION: Where anyone on the site can talk to anyone ELSE on the site. If you're lucky, Toppertin92006 might be chatting! Good Luck! ARCADE: An application giving access to OTHER GAMES. Check em' out! *MORE SECTIONS WILL BE ADDED ON TO THE SITE. CHECK EM' OUT WHEN THEY ARRIVE!"

INTERESTING FACTS: Peculiar facts about really anything.  Check it out!

BUZZWORTHY: News on one certain topic (Photography).  I believe you can change that. Somehow....

VIDEO BLOG: Members of the site (and Toppertin92006) can make videos on here. Only five I believe.

WEIRD WACKY LAWS: Laws that don't make sense to normal strangers of the world. Enjoy!

POLL AND QUIZ SECTION: Polls and quizzes. That's about it.

HELP SECTION: The helping point of questions asked about the site and about the tabs and about really anything else like FAQ.


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  • "I have been searching for the perfect windows my whole life. Well since I was born I needed windows. But this site gave me more than windows. It gave me hope. Hope to find thos..."
    Susan Gates
    Windows Customer
  • "Even though I am from Norway, this site intrigues me so. I believe a backflip will be given. Done! I will rescue a cat from a tree. Done! I am good. Anyways, this website i..."
    David Goodman
    Norwegian Superhero
  • "Why I do believe this site has not affended me or my children in any way. This is the only website not to do so. For that, kudos is given. I will recommend you to all of my d..."
    Norman Octavio
    Dance Instructor/President of Dance

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