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Games, applications, and more will be posted here with time.


Goal: Obtain all of the white circles and avoid ghosts.  Try to obtain the scattered fruits for a bonus.  Eat a big blinking circle to get the ability to eat ghosts!  Watch out, surprises around every corner!


Goal: Make Frogger jump past obstacles to obtain flies. And safety.

Mini Piano

Play the blues or play like a beginner

Super Mario

Ah, Mario and his mushroom friends, or foes.


This is the derivitive of many ping pong games of the gaming world today! Enjoy.

Shootin Hoops

Play like a pro in this basketball game!  Have fun, and practice, practice, practice.

Simpson Maker


Turn yourself into a yellow fellow in the Simpson Maker!  Enjoy!

Magic Eight Ball

Predict your future!  Yes or No answers only please!

Donkey Kong

Help Mario save Princess Peach in one of the most classic games of all time.

Hardest Game 1

Via: Video Blog

It deserves the title.  Try to beat it with the least amount of deaths, not time.

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